On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 02:56:51PM -0500, Robert Goley wrote:
>  You have been more fortunate then.  My users always seem to find
> those unknown or unlikely crashes or closes.  We have used KDE/GNOME
> in the past but they are kind of "heavy" and slow down the VNC
> session performance when using it over lower bandwidth connections.
> We use windows managers like jwm or openbox + lxpanel to provide a
> desktop session similar to Window's RDP sessions with all the
> graphical features turned off.  This also allows for restricted the
> applications that users have access to.  Keeps it simpler for them
> that way too.

It would be interessting to compare this to behaviour of local X
display managers:

They must kill the X server at some point of time too, regardless if
you use a failsafe session or KDE - how do they handle this decision?

Martin Kögler

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