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Brian Hinz wrote:

> Confirmed that these applications no longer run on TigerVNC/EL6 when the
> server is started with -depth 8

But -depth 8 gives you PseudoColor, and I think always has. So it
sounds like the opposite, that your applications need DirectColor?
> > If it's the bandwidth that's the issue, then 8 bpp true colour should
> > serve their purposes and they should not have to suffer too much from
> > this change.
> >
> Running the server with depth 24 and client bpp 8 works perfectly, but in
> that situation a color map is still being used.  I'll do some testing next
> week to see how 8bpp true color on the client side looks.

I was completely convinced we were using true colour for 8 bpp, so I
had a look at the code. And apparently my memory is hazier than I
think. The 3 bit and 6 bit modes are true colour, but 8 bit is not. So
that will change in my cleanup as well then.

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