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Brian Hinz wrote:

> I'm not sure when that happened, we just moved to EL6 and I'm not aware of
> anything breaking.

I had a look at one of ours and EL6 does not have a single PseudoColor
visual on it. I also could only find 24-bit and 32-bit visuals.

> AFAIK, the only reason for running 8bpp is to minimize bandwidth.  Most of
> these types of apps require a WAN license if the user is outside a small (<
> 25 miles) radius of the server anyway, so I'm not necessarily suggesting
> that it's worth holding up forward progress for such a small niche, just
> pointing out that 8bpp PseudoColor does still have it's use cases.

If it's the bandwidth that's the issue, then 8 bpp true colour should
serve their purposes and they should not have to suffer too much from
this change.

Long term I hope we can make the server clever enough that the users
don't have to deal with details like this directly. :)

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