On 1/17/14 11:11 AM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> I think that's more a factor of using a video card driver that doesn't
> simulate PsuedoColor visuals on modern 32-bit graphics cards - I don't
> think we've removed PseudoColor support in Xorg completely, just not
> done much with it in years.

Yeah, it's still possible to, for instance, enable PseudoColor visuals 
on nVidia Quadro hardware.  They even still support using PseudoColor 
visuals with transparent overlays.  But the set of apps that actually 
take advantage of those capabilities is a vanishing breed.  PseudoColor 
visuals are no longer supported in OpenGL, as of version 3.1 (but 
nVidia, at least, still supports them in its drivers when using the 
compatibility profile.)

I'm actually surprised that you are able to use TigerVNC with -depth 8 
at all.  When I've tried it on RHEL 5, Gnome basically eats its face.

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