Hi Henry:

There are millions of WWVB clocks in use and the new signal must be fully 
compatible with them.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

ehydra wrote:
What makes me wonder: Why don't they adapt the DCF77 implementation? Is it the 
not invented here syndrome?

At it looks like they never heard of Kasami sequences.

- Henry

Dennis Ferguson schrieb:
On 18 Mar, 2012, at 10:52 , John Seamons wrote:
They do talk about using the 11-bit Barker code for autocorrelation. But the sync bits transmitted only match the Barker code if you interpret them a little bit out-of-order.

The part of the paper that talked about the Barker code confused me
somewhat since I couldn't quite figure out how it was relevant.  The
autocorrelation property of the Barker code is only interesting if
the Barker code is the only thing being sent (over and over), but
in this case the concerns are more about spurious correlations with
the variable data, something for which no solution seems to be

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