On Mar 20, 2012, at 4:18 AM, Peter Monta wrote:

> John, if you're reading this, would your receiver be capable of
> recording with wider RF bandwidth?  Your recordings made during the
> test period have a bandwidth of about 30 Hz; can it go any wider?  I
> think your web page says you're using an active whip antenna, which is
> good because the resonant loops would impose their own bandwidth
> limit.  If you could eliminate the narrowband receiver and record the
> antenna signal directly with the 192 ksa/s ADC, that would be ideal.

So the goal here is to measure the bandwidth of their antenna system? (or what 
they limit the transmitted bandwidth to be to make sure no power is wasted by 
the bandwidth limitations of the antenna).
The first IF of the 3586B is 50 MHz and is filtered to 10 kHz BW before mixing 
to 15.625 kHz. So recording the second IF is one possibility. The other as you 
say is to connect the active antenna directly to the sound card, crank up the 
input gain and hope for the best. No reason I couldn't playback the recording 
and run it through the SA and 3586 again to see what it looks like. Let me work 
on that.

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