Hello The Net: (especially the LORAN-C listeners)

Right now my SRS FS700 Loran-C receiver is locked onto a signal.

GRI 89700 microseconds   station: AUTO (M)
location: DANA, IL  USA

Receiver locked
Tracking Loran-C signal

Receiver gain: 77dB
Noise margin:  39 dB

Loran Freq offset:  -1.1E-10
Phase: -17.9 deg

Stations found: (ident: Amp in dB)
M59*       X56

Time since lock: 0:21:40 ( had lock overnight, but with an error so I did a new search)
Length last unlock:  0:10:42

Signal status:  a r b n o

I am using the standard SRS active whip antenna about 7' above ground in the back yard.
Receiver firmware is 1.19

As time permits I will compare the Loran-C to the T'Bolt GPS/DO, with the Tracor 527E.

It is nice to have Loran-C signal to play with.
The Nantucket Loran-C station was a bout 40 miles away. Almost a Cs reference in my shack.

Stan, W1LE     Cape Cod    FN41sr


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