Orin sent me his data files and I ran them through Lady Heather.  Attached is a 
screen dump showing the Time Interval Error (TIE) plot of the 1PPS signal.  
This is the deviation of the 1PPS signal from the expected 1 second interval.   

Three of the bad points are flagged (1, 2, and 3 at the top of the plot area).  
 It is interesting that these discontinuities are not simple spikes in the 1PPS 
signal (a couple of his bad points are simple spikes) but are followed by a 
"recovery" period of 30 seconds to a minute.

It is also interesting that the LTE GPSDO 1PPS has such a wide range of TIE.   
A Tbolt / Z38xx GPSDO typically has a TIE in the 1PPS signal of around 1 nsec.  
 The LTE TIE spans over 40 nanoseconds (not including the spikes).  It seems 
like the LTE 1PPS may be from the GPS and not derived from dividing down the 
disciplined oscillator output.
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