Yes, but isn't generating pulses OUT of a PC with low latency/jitter one of the difficult issues?

If we (somebody smarter than me...) flip this around and modify a copy NTP to grab the QueryPerformanceCounter value when it gets a PPS pulse and log that count, don't we now have a way to compare the high resolution uncorrected counter to NTP and the external PPS?

Agreed, not trivial. But maybe fun anyway!


On 4/10/2018 11:03 AM, time-nuts-requ...@febo.com wrote:
NTP already looks at incoming pulses and reports what it thinks is going on 
with them. The desire here
is to get a pulse*out*  of the device. Then you can toss it into a conventional 
set of gear. From the data
you can independently evaluate what’s going on.

So more or less:

1) Generate pulse
2) Work out when the pulse went out
3) Compare that to what NTP thinks is going on
4) Generate a message to describe the delta in time

No, not trivial ….


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