Keying my K3 via hamlib works nicely.

But there are some problems, one is that Hamlib used a simplified control setup based on Kenwood protocol and not fully includes all possibilities in the Elecraft protocol.

By checking the actual commands between pc and rig it is apparent that keying is done by KY command, not the Elecraft KYW command. The difference between the two is that KYW blocks further commands while buffer is emptied, fine if you want to change key speed at a certain point. To enable speed changes in text would then necessitate changes in the backend hamlib and as someone pointed out solution will probably differ from rig to rig.

Therefore implementing speed changes within a cw string will be difficult using hamlib. However, for simple cases like just sending text strings, use of hamlib would make life simpler. Ie not another box with associated cables. Fine for the casual contester.

Keying of a string from the pc can be stopped by sending ^D (pg 15 in K3/KX3 programmers reference) character or just pushing a paddle lever assuming paddle is connected to rig.

I would welcome such addition to tlf. Alternative would be to set up nanokeyer, winkeyer or similar, but again, this is basically a box that is unneeded with my K3 or for that matter my KX3.

73 de Olaf - LA3RK

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