Quoting Bill Barker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I *really* don't like the idea of passing DIR_MAGIC_TYPE requests to
> Tomcat, since I tend to set up directories with only static content that only
> Apache knows about.  Sending them to Tomcat just gives me very many 404
> errors, so I'd be forced to use a branched copy of mod_jk.

Actually, DIR_MAGIC_TYPE would *only* get involved if there was no match found
through my current code jk_map_to_storage(), and that would not be the case if:

- you defined DirectoryIndex
- there is a physical file that Apache can stat

Basically, static files would be preferred (I don't like the idea of involving
Tomcat if I don't need to either). Does that eliminate the objection?


PS. I have applied ap_is_directory() call in the latest version of the patch. Do
you think I should have stuck with determining if the r->main->filename ends in
a '/'? It would save some stat-ing, but on the other hand I'm not sure if file
system directories are stored in Unix format or architecture dependent format
(i.e. with '\' on Windows). I wanted to make sure I don't run into problems on
Windows... If someone can verify that it'll be a '/', then I think I should
remove that stat and just use the last character verification.

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