On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> > It's the index.jsp that worries me - combined with precompile jsps.
> >
> > That could be an extremely common case - and will fail with the
> > current implementation.
> >
> As a workaround, why don't you just include the JSP source files in the
> war anyway?  One of the things JSPC creates for you is a bunch of "exact
> match" servlet mappings for the compiled pages, and those will take
> priority over the extension-match mapping of the index.jsp page to the JSP
> servlet.

I know, and so far that's the only solution I found to make index.jsp 
However there are cases where you don't want to distribute the JSP 
source files - and AFAIK the spec allows that. 

I'm not really looking for workarounds - but for the 'correct'
behavior, that we can eventually implement, and eventually a 
clarification to the spec - if this can't be implemented.

The root of many  problems is the way the extension mapping 
is defined - in a very different way from what all web servers 
are doing. That creates many integration problems, disables
the pathInfo for extension-mapped resources, brakes the index,
and may have other effects in future.

Of course, in this particular case ( index.jsp - without having the file )
the extension mapping is usefull.

> Sounds like a topic worth raising with the Servlet 2.4 expert group
> (JSR-154).  I'll start a message thread abou this on the EG mailing list.



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