On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Bill Barker wrote:

> At the moment, the servlet-mapping issue is somewhat of a red-herring, since
> only 3.3.2-dev supports it (and even there, it is disabled by default).  For
> now, mod_jk(2) might as well assume that the physical jsp/vm file is there,
> since Tomcat requires that it is.  The real issue is that jk_map_to_storage

I'm beginning to doubt the spec can be implemented - I just can't find 
any reasonable way to deal with extensions mapping.

Yes, I know tomcat doesn't implement it very well either. 

> I *really* don't like the idea of passing DIR_MAGIC_TYPE requests to Tomcat,
> since I tend to set up directories with only static content that only Apache
> knows about.  Sending them to Tomcat just gives me very many 404 errors, so

Not all DIR_MAGIC_TYPE, only those that belong to a webapplication.

And possibly based on some option to enable/disable this behavior.


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