Palle Girgensohn wrote:

--On onsdag, juni 25, 2003 11.41.29 +0200 Henri Gomez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Palle Girgensohn wrote:


FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE, apache 1.3.27 w/ mod-ssl 2.8.14, mod_jk 1.2.3 and
1.2.4. Tomcat version is irrelevant since the request never leaves
apache, but anyway, it is tomcat 3.3.1a.

JkMount /pp/system/*jsp

Shouldn't it be :

JkMount /pp/system/*.jsp

Of course it is, sorry! I have the dot, I just missed writing in my email.

What's your webapp name ? pp ?

What happen if you use JkMount /pp/* ajp13

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