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Palle Girgensohn wrote:


When using mod_jk and apache13:

JkMount /app/*jsp ajp13

will redirect requests like http://server/app/foobar.jsp to tomcat, just

But, http://server//app/foobar.jsp will not be catched by JkMount, and
apache will send the jsp source code to the browser. Of course, a
rewrite can hinder this, but is it really meant to be this way? Is it
just me having problems?

Didn't have such behaviour with mod_jk 1.2.4 and tomcat 3.3.1a, got
a 404 instead.

BTW, I'm using

JkMount /app/* ajp13

That's a different rule, match rule instead of suffix rule. The same code is responsible, though. If you get a 404, it is apache that cannot find the file you try to access for some other reason. The request never gets to tomcat. I too get 404 with that rule when accessing servlets this way, but I get jsp source code.

Problem is that mod_jk only does a strncmp and never bothers to check for anomalities in the URL. The mod_jk design never cares about this problem, which is strange. It is coded this way on purpose. It not a bug, it is a design flaw. :(

Could we stop useless critics and flams and be more positives.

It's open source, and if you have objections, you're welcome to provide fixes.

Never forget that mod_jk WAS DESIGNED to be cross web server compatible and that's why some of the Apache functions are not used.

BTW, on the Tomcat side, there is some URI checks since this problem
could also appears when using the built-in http connector.

In the actual case the problem seems to be that Apache handle the jsp
directly since it didn't forward it to tomcat (probably because apache
and tomcat run on the same machine)

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