Filip Hanik - Dev wrote:
And of course you don't discuss this before making the change ? This is the old branch, so this is clearly not acceptable. I have
to -1 regardless of the possible merits.

Ok, so he forgot to ask the developers if this would be ok, no big deal. Can happen to anybody. But if someone is fixing code and improving it, I don't think a -1 is fair just because you felt that you werent able to control the changes.

If there is more to the story which would require the -1 to go into
effect, you would need to share that. <take-it-lightly>After all, we
are not running a Boss/JBoss show here :)</take-it-lightly>

I'm not very amused. Obviously the changes have nothing to do with JBoss.

So if there is more to it, share is please, so that we can all know
why this change is not reasonable. It is not the -1 that I am against, it is the lack of explanation to it.

I consider the change is inappropriate for Tomcat 4.1.x. But actually, I really don't care anoymore about this branch, so make my vote a -0.


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