Glenn Nielsen wrote:

I am sick and tired of your crap. For whatever reason you don't like
any of my contributions.  You always try to find some way to justify
a -1 of anything I contribute.  Frankly you are the main reason why
I rarely contribute to Tomcat any more.  I just got tired of dealing
with your shit. IMHO your interactions with people on this list and in
bugzilla hurts the Tomcat community.

I get the message. Frankly, I do not miss your contributions, as I have always considered to be of average quality. You're not the only one who hasn't appreciated working with the other.

I'd like to point out that:
- I do listen to feedback, so I have retracted my -1
- I don't see how you can expect to be well recieved if you make an unnanouced risky patch on a really mature branch after having been away from months

Of course, I will reflect this in light of my involvement with the community. I think this can wait until the new release, which is a few days away.

And of course I did discusss this patch before I committed it.
I posted a summary of the patch on Apr 20 which contained the
same information as my commit message. From anyone else I would
expect an apology, but not from an egotistical piece of shit like you.

I somehow did miss the original message, so I apologize. Really a bad mistake on my part, and I suggest using [PROPOSAL] to attract more attention, and esp when proposing core changes.

Now, as for the rest of the paragraph, I obviously don't want to have to interact with you anymore.

And for those of you watching from the sidelines this is the first
time on any of the ASF/Tomcat lists I have attacked someone personally.
I have always tried to keep discussions technical rather than get



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