On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 02:26:34PM +0200, Remy Maucherat wrote:
> Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> >Remy,
> >
> >I am sick and tired of your crap. For whatever reason you don't like
> >any of my contributions.  You always try to find some way to justify
> >a -1 of anything I contribute.  Frankly you are the main reason why
> >I rarely contribute to Tomcat any more.  I just got tired of dealing
> >with your shit. IMHO your interactions with people on this list and in
> >bugzilla hurts the Tomcat community.
> I get the message. Frankly, I do not miss your contributions, as I have 
> always considered to be of average quality. You're not the only one who 
> hasn't appreciated working with the other.

Thats your opinion. Others can judge based on the major contributions
I have made. Such as implementing the Java Security Manager and the
major jasaper refactoring I did which boosted performance 25-33%.

> I'd like to point out that:
> - I do listen to feedback, so I have retracted my -1
> - I don't see how you can expect to be well recieved if you make an 
> unnanouced risky patch on a really mature branch after having been away 
> from months

As is normal for any "feedback" from you on my contributions, you rarely
provide any technical reason, you just make some characterization such as
"risky patch" without stating any valid technical reason why. Considering
that someone on the list immediately posted a message thanking me for
fixing some problems they were having with Sessions and JDBCStore your
knee-jerk reaction to -1 anything I contribute obviously hurts Tomcat.

> Of course, I will reflect this in light of my involvement with the 
> community. I think this can wait until the new release, which is a few 
> days away.
> >And of course I did discusss this patch before I committed it.
> >I posted a summary of the patch on Apr 20 which contained the
> >same information as my commit message. From anyone else I would
> >expect an apology, but not from an egotistical piece of shit like you.
> I somehow did miss the original message, so I apologize. Really a bad 
> mistake on my part, and I suggest using [PROPOSAL] to attract more 
> attention, and esp when proposing core changes.

It was posted with [PATCH] on the subject line. Apology accepted.

> Now, as for the rest of the paragraph, I obviously don't want to have to 
> interact with you anymore.

I dont' care what you think of me personally. But when your animosity
towards me impacts Tomcat I had to say something.



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