> As part of the Google SOC. Google accepted the tomcat-reverse-proxy
> project
> to be executed by Anders Nyman ( anders.nyman at gmail  d ot  com  )
> The scope of the project is to let Tomcat act a reverse proxy by extending
> the balancer webapp. To make it easier to get the job done this summer
> while
> not relying on an intermediate committer, I propose granting commit access
> for only the following module:
>     jakarta-tomcat-catalina/webapps/balancer/
> The apache id granted would be prefixed with soc and be temporary. A CLA
> has
> already been signed and submitted. The vote is for commit access only for
> the
> module listed above. Voting rights will not be granted.
> [ ] Sounds good to me
> [ ] I'm indifferent
> [ X ] I don't like it. Here's why

Commit privileges are earned with merit only.  All the above caveats are
helpful, but circumvent the core issue.  I gladly volunteer to help review,
comment, and commit Anders' contributions as appropriate.  If/when the
contributions are of such quality as to merit commitership, I'll also gladly
start a vote and +1 it.  But that's not the case yet, a good student
application notwithstanding.

(These opinions have been raised and explored more on [EMAIL PROTECTED],
and different projects have come up with different approaches).


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