At 12:52 PM 7/11/2005, Mladen Turk wrote:

>I have developed, and I am developing the majority of the code
>without being connected to the CVS all the time.

It's important for students involved with SoC to learn to use
the tools of our organization; and it's equally important that
we capture the history and evolution of the code, from its
infancy through the process of peer review.  A code dump isn't
what we are looking for, and the code should be developed
incrementally with peer/mentor review.

-1 to any SoC happening outside of Tomcat's purview.  +1 to
creating a sandbox for this project so the effort can be
merged back in, trivially, if and when it's successful (that
includes successful peer review, the usual 3 +1's etc.)


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