At 03:48 AM 7/12/2005, Mladen Turk wrote:

>Well if Tim wants to mentor that project, then fine with me.
>I'm sure he will ensure the integrity of the Tomcat source
>outside that 'sandbox' repository.

Exactly the point; there were no SoC participants who did not
have mentors.  If this slides into the Tomcat CVS, the mentor
will help with calling the vote, following procedures, etc.

>If the project will have access and modify the files outside
>that repository, I'll be strongly against that.

No; I don't think anyone is asking for the SoC participants to
have live access on projects that have strong traditions of
merit-before-commit privileges.  Some projects are much loser
granting commit, such projects would probably just add another
committer for the summer.

>I'm sure the Tim will find a solution for a files that needs to
>be changed and that are are of the core, by simply mirroring
>them to the sandbox repository or something similar.

Or merging back the outcome with history.

I just wanted to point out three other things;

  * it's really much easier if the sandbox is in svn:, such
    users don't need accounts on a box.

  * no matter if cvs or svn, the sandbox commits must 
    be broadcast to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    read or ignore them as you please.  And please don't
    complain about the outcome if you didn't feel like actually
    following the progress :)

  * development discussion under the tomcat umbrella should
    occur on [EMAIL PROTECTED], the whole point is for the
    participants to follow the day to day life of a project,
    and be welcome to put forward proposals and accept feedback.


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