William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
At 01:25 PM 7/11/2005, you wrote:
If the ASF have some agreement with Google then it should
have created a 'SoC Google sandbox' not trying to force
every project to create a 'Google sandbox'.

So it's unusual, and we aren't handing away keys to the entire
kingdom.  But setting up a sandbox (not your problem, it's the
mentors) and watching the progress (if it scratches your itch)
is not an imposition on the individual project communities.

Well if Tim wants to mentor that project, then fine with me.
I'm sure he will ensure the integrity of the Tomcat source
outside that 'sandbox' repository.

If the project will have access and modify the files outside
that repository, I'll be strongly against that.

I'm sure the Tim will find a solution for a files that needs to
be changed and that are are of the core, by simply mirroring
them to the sandbox repository or something similar.


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