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    Update translations for support-miscellaneous
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        "id": "#miscellaneus-3",
        "control": "miscellaneus-3",
        "title": "Cé atá ag maoiniú Tor?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Tor is funded by a number of 
different sponsors including US federal agencies, private foundations, and 
individual donors. Check out a list of all <mark><a 
sponsors</a></mark> and a series of <mark><a 
posts</a></mark> on our financial reports.</p><p class=\"mb-3\">We feel that 
talking openly about our funders and funding model is the best way to maintain 
trust with our community. We are always seeking more diversity in our funding 
sources, especially from foundations and individuals.</p>"
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Tá Tor á mhaoiniú ag urraitheoirí 
éagsúla, gníomhaireachtaí rialtais SAM, fondúireachtaí príobháideacha, 
agus daoine aonair. Féach  <mark><a 
href=\"\";>liosta ár gcuid 
urraitheoirí</a></mark> chomh maith le sraith <mark><a 
blag</a></mark> maidir lenár dtuarascálacha airgeadais.</p><p 
class=\"mb-3\">Creidimid go bhfuil sé tábhachtach a bheith oscailte maidir 
lenár gcuid maoinitheoirí agus ár samhail maoinithe chun iontaoibh an 
phobail a chothú. Bímid ag lorg foinsí maoinithe níos ilchineálaí i 
gcónaí, go háirithe ó fhondúireachtaí agus ó dhaoine aonair.</p>"
      "miscellaneus-4": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-4",
        "control": "miscellaneus-4",
        "title": "An féidir liom Tor a úsáid in éindí le bittorrent?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">We do not recommend using Tor with 
bittorrent. For further details, please see our <mark><a 
post on the subject</a></mark>.</p>"
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Ní mholaimid duit Tor a úsáid in 
éindí le bittorrent. Chun tuilleadh eolais a fháil, féach ar <mark><a 
phostáil bhlag seo</a></mark>.</p>"
      "miscellaneus-5": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-5",
        "control": "miscellaneus-5",
-       "title": "The files on my computer have been locked, and someone is 
demanding I download Tor Browser to pay a ransom for my files!",
+       "title": "Chuir duine éigin na comhaid ar mo ríomhaire faoi ghlas, 
agus tá sé nó sí ag éileamh go n-úsáidfinn Brabhsálaí Tor chun airgead 
fuascailte a íoc!",
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">We are so sorry, but you have been 
infected with malware. The Tor Project did not create this malware. The malware 
authors are asking you to download Tor Browser presumably to contact them 
anonymously with the ransom they're demanding from you. If this is your first 
introduction to Tor Browser, we understand that you might think we're bad 
people who enable even worse people. But please consider that our software is 
used every day for a wide variety of purposes by ​human rights activists, 
journalists, domestic violence survivors, whistleblowers, law enforcement 
officers, and many others. Unfortunately, the protection that our software can 
provide to these groups of people can also be abused by criminals and malware 
authors. The Tor Project does not support or condone the use of our software 
for malicious purposes.</p>"
     "miscellaneus-6": {

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