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@@ -32,20 +32,20 @@
     "miscellaneus-6": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-6",
        "control": "miscellaneus-6",
-       "title": "Does Tor keep logs?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Tor doesn't keep any logs that could 
identify a particular user. We do take some safe measurements of how the 
network functions, which you can check out at <mark><a 
href=\"\";>​Tor Metrics</a></mark>.</p>"
+       "title": "An gcoinníonn Tor logchomhaid?",
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Ní choinníonn Tor aon logchomhad a 
chabhródh linn úsáideoirí a aithint. Déanaimid tomhas slán ar fheidhmiú 
an líonra, agus tá na huimhreacha sin ar fáil ar  <mark><a 
href=\"\";>​Meadaracht Tor</a></mark>.</p>"
     "miscellaneus-7": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-7",
        "control": "miscellaneus-7",
-       "title": "Does Tor Project offer email service or other privacy 
protecting web services?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">No, we don't provide any online 
services. A list of all of our software projects can be found on our <mark><a 
+       "title": "An gcuireann Tionscadal Tor seirbhísí ríomhphoist ar 
fáil, nó aon seirbhís eile a chosnaíonn príobháideachas?",
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Ní chuireann. Gheobhaidh tú liosta 
dár dtionscadail ar fad ar <mark><a 
href=\"\";>​an leathanach 
     "miscellaneus-8": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-8",
        "control": "miscellaneus-8",
        "title": "An bhfuil cead agam lógó Tor a úsáid i dtáirge de mo 
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">You can read all about that on our 
href=\"\";>​Trademark faq 
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Tá an t-eolas sin go léir ar fáil 
ar <mark><a href=\"\";>​an 
leathanach seo</a></mark> a bhaineann le trádmharcanna.</p>"
     "miscellaneus-9": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-9",
@@ -56,31 +56,31 @@
     "miscellaneus-10": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-10",
        "control": "miscellaneus-10",
-       "title": "Does the Tor Project offer hosting?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">No, the Tor Project does not offer 
hosting services.</p>"
+       "title": "An gcuireann Tionscadal Tor seirbhísí óstála ar fáil?",
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Ní chuireann.</p>"
     "miscellaneus-11": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-11",
        "control": "miscellaneus-11",
-       "title": "Can I change the number of hops Tor uses?",
+       "title": "An féidir liom líon na n-athsheachadán a úsáideann Tor a 
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Right now the path length is 
hard-coded at 3 plus the number of nodes in your path that are sensitive. That 
is, in normal cases it's 3, but for example if you're accessing an onion 
service or a \".exit\" address it could be more.</p><p class=\"mb-3\"We don't 
want to encourage people to use paths longer than this as it increases load on 
the network without (as far as we can tell) providing any more security. Also, 
using paths longer than 3 could harm anonymity, first because it makes<mark><a 
href=\"\";>denial of 
security</a></mark> ttacks easier, and second because it could act as an 
identifier if only a small number of users have the same path length as 
     "miscellaneus-12": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-12",
        "control": "miscellaneus-12",
-       "title": "How can I share files anonymously through Tor?",
+       "title": "Conas is féidir comhaid a roinnt trí Tor gan m'aitheantas a 
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Many exit nodes are configured to 
block certain types of file sharing traffic, such as bittorrent. Bittorrent in 
specific is <mark><a 
anonymous over Tor</a></mark>.</p><p class=\"mb-3\">For sharing files through 
Tor, ​<mark><a href=\"\";>OnionShare</a></mark> is a 
good option.</p>"
     "miscellaneus-13": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-13",
        "control": "miscellaneus-13",
        "title": "An féidir liom VPN a úsáid le Tor?",
-       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Generally speaking, we don't 
recommend using a VPN with Tor unless you're an advanced user who knows how to 
configure both in a way that doesn't compromise your privacy. You can find more 
detailed information about Tor + VPN at <mark><a 
+       "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Is féidir, ach ní mholaimid VPN a 
úsáid le Tor murar úsáideoir ardleibhéil thú agus mura bhfuil saineolas 
agat ar conas is féidir Tor agus an VPN a chumrú sa chaoi nach gcuirfidh siad 
do phríobháideachas i gcontúirt. Tá tuilleadh eolais faoi Tor agus VPN le 
chéile ar fáil ar <mark><a 
     "miscellaneus-14": {
        "id": "#miscellaneus-14",
        "control": "miscellaneus-14",
-       "title": "How do I volunteer with Tor Project?",
+       "title": "Cén chaoi a bhféadfainn páirt a ghlacadh i dTionscadal 
        "description": "<p class=\"mb-3\">Please see our <mark><a 
page</a></mark> for how to get involved!</p>"
     "miscellaneus-15": {

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