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> Sebastian Hahn
> Sendt: 15. april 2018 10:05
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> Emne: Re: [tor-relays] No stable flag from 6 out of 9?
> > On 15. Apr 2018, at 10:03, Ole Rydahl <ole_ryd...@qp12.dk> wrote:
> > As far as I can see, there is a quite large difference in the required
> "running" period between the 9 directory authorities. I interpreted that
as an
> issue with my setup. 3 authorities voted stable after a few days, while
the 6
> remaining needs almost 30 days of observed running before granting the
> flag.
> This is completely expected as 3 dirauths aren't currently equipped to
> ipv6 reachability failure.

It's my experience that announcing ipv6 capability and actually not
providing - results in not being part of the cached consensus since only 3
authorities acknowledge your relay as running.

My situation was different all 9 directory authorities acknowledge my relay
as running, but initially only 3 granted me the stable flag.

Vasilis suggested an experiment where I stopped announcing ipv6-support a
while ago. As a follow up - after I had obtained the stable flag from all 9
directory authorities - Vasilis suggested that I re-enabled ipv6 capability.


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