> On 15. Apr 2018, at 20:20, Ole Rydahl <ole_ryd...@qp12.dk> wrote:
> It's my experience that announcing ipv6 capability and actually not
> providing - results in not being part of the cached consensus since only 3
> authorities acknowledge your relay as running.
> My situation was different all 9 directory authorities acknowledge my relay
> as running, but initially only 3 granted me the stable flag.
> Vasilis suggested an experiment where I stopped announcing ipv6-support a
> while ago. As a follow up - after I had obtained the stable flag from all 9
> directory authorities - Vasilis suggested that I re-enabled ipv6 capability.

I read the thread, I think what's happened is that your ipv6 connection is
intermittently flaky, not down all the time. That means dirauths with v6
note many more failures than those without it and that causes them to have
a much worse availability history for you.


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