Hi Daniel-

Our students use open source software every day. Penn Manor’s entire K-12 
student laptop fleet runs Linux and open source software exclusively. And our 
district has replaced the majority of our infrastructure with FLOSS 
alternatives to proprietary school systems. Red Hat produced a lovely 
documentary about our program: 

You may be interested in our Student Help Desk Blog; the articles are all 
student generated: http://blogs.pennmanor.net/1to1/.

I’d be happy to exchange more ideas.


Charlie Reisinger
Technology Director
Penn Manor School District
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Lancaster Pennsylvania 17603
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A fun activity that I've used at the middle school level to teach the open 
source principles of collaboration and transparency is Candy or Swag: 



Gina Likins
University Outreach, Open Source and Standards
Red Hat
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Welcome Daniel!

I'm not sure how many of the TOS community are looking at K-12 education. I can 
point you to some learning materials. This is a listing of learning activities:


You might want to look at the activities for CS Principles, CS1 and CS2. There 
are other activities that are aimed at a more introductory audience.

I might also suggest contacting Rick Weinberg (@rickweinberg) and Francis Ann 
Squire (@FASquire)  on Twitter as they both teach at the K-12 level and have 
some wonderful ideas for learning.
Heidi Ellis

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Hello all,
I'm new to the education sector, and now in a Director of Technology role in a 
small K-12 charter public school.

I see that your website has material for the undergrad and graduate level, and 
I'm curious if your community has addressed how K-12 schools can incorporate 
FOSS into their curriculum.  I'm interested in establishing classes for our 
students in a variety of technology disciplines, to include everything from 
understanding hardware (taking apart old PCs, littlebits), robotics (beebot, 
Lego) to coding (Scratch, etc.).

I can imagine how open source concepts could be introduced into these classes, 
but I'm looking to share ideas.


[http://www.lfno.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Seal-small.png]Daniel Henry
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Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans
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