I know that this is my first message to the group, but I've been watching 
for a while and I would like to jump in and help.

A key challenge that I see this group facing is that the backlog of sites 
to score is mammoth. There is no way that this group will ever be able to 
keep up with the changes and the scoring of TOS and Privacy Policies if it 
is something which takes a long time to do. The backlog is unsustainable, 
and because there's no way that the backlog can be chewed into, and so many 
popular sites are not yet scored, it will be difficult for the public—and 
the organizations themselves—to take scoring seriously.

Google has a "C." Google doesn't care. DuckDuckGo has an "A," and they only 
care because they've made that a core part of their business.

I would like to help construct a proposal for a standardized scoring 
system. This scoring system would focus not on independent clauses in the 
document, but rather questions like: "can site X track you outside of your 
own site? -20 points" or "does organization Y promise to disclose 
government requests for information? +20 points." Something simple, which 
when aggregated could output a score.

I would like to find two or three other people to work with in this 
endeavor, the product of which would be a document outlining the process 
for measuring, scoring, and preparing this proposal for a vote by 
contributors. Since there's a lot to review, I think keeping the number of 
people down will help us come to something that we can open to the wider 
group more quickly.

I would like this process to observe a December 1st deadline, so that we 
can all review the document and members (of which I am not one yet) can 
vote. During the process we would give a monthly update.

After this process, it might be useful to have a program which takes a 
checklist of the criteria, runs it through a rules engine, and pops out a 
score. This would make it so that people reviewing sites weren't affecting 
the score directly, but instead were focusing first and foremost on the 
agreed-upon criteria.

The goals of this process would be:

   - A clear, transparent, and easy-to-understand set of scoring criteria 
   that the browser plugin could draw attention to
   - Because of the standardized approach, the organizations being scored 
   would understand how to improve their score
   - We would now have the ability to score sites consistently, and more 
   - This process will foster a more trustworthy set of scores as it is 
   repeatable based on criteria
   - No recommendations would be construed to have been agreed-upon by the 
   group until a vote affirmed the proposal
I do hope that the group thinks that this is a worthwhile proposal, and I'm 
happy to start working on this ASAP. If this is already an effort which is 
underway, I would like to contribute. I looked but didn't find any.

Much thanks.

[!!] Please see https://edit.tosdr.org -- this is where new contributions 
should be submitted and discussed

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