paul- wrote: 
> In the pCP setup, LMS always uses /usr/local/slimserver/Cache,  
> /usr/local/slimserver/Cache is a hard symbolic link to wherever the
> cache is actually stored.  (So what you describe is physically the same
> location)
> If you were to use the option in the pCP web pages to move the LMS cache
> to a USB stick.  pCP automatically changes that symlink to the new
> location.

LMS was updated yesterday. Today I have removed all DenonAvpControl
folders from the pCP system and restarted. Then dropped DenonAvpControl
folder and files into /usr/local/slimserver/Cache/Plugins followed by
pCP restart (and LMS of course) and the plugin is installed correctly. 

Out of interest following Michael's comment in one of the other threads
where this was discussed, I initially put the DenonAvpControl zip file
into the plugins folder as he suggested doing. I can report that it
didn't work. 

Regards, David

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