kidstypike wrote: 
> You need to open each playlist in Notepad, and using "Find and replace"
> change the file path to point to the music files new location.
> I would practise on a copy of one playlist first if you haven't done
> this before.
> The playlist below was made with JRiver on a windows PC, the files were
> in W:/Squeezebox Music, I just replace "W:" with the new path to music
> files on a WD MyCloud.
> 23331

I'd echo this except I'd use Notepad ++

As it's a Linux mount the path is going to be completely different to
w:/ in fact it's the other way round eg \mount\music\artist\alnum\track
or similar. Find an example by clicking M on any track in the LMS gui

If you are moving from Windows to Linux it's quite complicated but Linux
to Linux is much easier.

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