DavidBulluss wrote: 
> Am loving pCP on the Raspberry, leaves the ReadyNAS duo V2 for dead for
> speed, ease of use, etc. 
> One thing I would like to be able to do is still use the playlists that
> I set up while using LMS on the ReadyNAS. I have about 60 playlists of
> music from my own library that I created painstakingly in the dying days
> of SMARTMIX. I created lists from every of my favourite seed tracks, and
> have been playing them on random... almost just like the old days!
> Problem is that now that pCP is pointed at the ReadyNAS library and LMS
> media folder set to the mounted ReadyNAS media library
> (/mnt/media/Music/David music library), and LMS pointed also at the the
> LMS PLAYLISTS folder on the mounted ReadyNAS media library
> (/mnt/media/Music/LMS playlists), when I select a playlist in LMS pCP it
> is reported as empty. Obviously the m3u files are pointing in the wrong
> direction. Do I need to place that playlist elsewhere, or is it a lost
> cause?
> Cheers, David

You need to open each playlist in Notepad, and using "Find and replace"
change the file path to point to the music files new location.
I would practise on a copy of one playlist first if you haven't done
this before.
The playlist below was made with JRiver on a windows PC, the files were
in W:/Squeezebox Music, I just replace "W:" with the new path to music
files on a WD MyCloud.


|Filename: playlist convert.jpg                                     |
|Download: http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23331|

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