langmad wrote: 
> Hi Guys,
> Please be gentle with me because I am not that techie! I have set my
> Touch up and it is working perfectly. However I would like to control my
> touch with my android phone. I installed Squeeze Player and Squeezer.
> Although I can use my phone as a player I cannot use it to remotely
> control my touch. When I first installed the 2 apps there was a drop
> down menu in Squeezer that gave me a choice of my phone or the Touch and
> when I selected my Touch I could work it remotely. However for some
> strange reason that drop down menu has disappeared from Squeezer and I
> can only use my phone as a player. I have tried and purchased other
> apps, Logitech Squeezebox Controller and Squeezebox Remote Premium but
> they do not work!
> Please help!

Ive never heard of those.   I use mainly Squeeze Controller and Orange
Squeeze. Both are very good but both are pay apps. Orange is probably
the easier to use of the two. I would give one of those a shot just to
see if that's the problem. I have the most problems when going from my
library to .  It seems that sometimes it's not obvious
that it's looking for one and it's on the other. Fantastic gadgets but
finicky at times. Good luck.  NR
A last thought.  Is your library on your phone? 
Have you tried to isolate it so that squeeze player is not involved. Not
knowing your setup makes it hard because usually I just mess around
until an answer comes to me. 

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