Am Mittwoch, 21. September 2016 07:13:18 UTC+2 schrieb Mike Dewhirst:

> Here is another "con". The above ticket requesting multiple users being 
> assigned to a single ticket is not necessarily a "Good Idea". The Cc: 
> list should suffice to include extra team members and the Owned 
> by/developer should be one person who carries the blame when things go 
> wrong. 
> Have you looked at the configurable workflow plugin? 

Thanks for your recommendations. I'm interested in alternative ways..
Yes. We have discussed alternatives to the "big ticket" approach that would 
manage different roles in the same ticket.

These alternative would be:

* Workflow: Re-assigning to "tester, reviewer, author..." and status 
progress for the ticket (to be tested, to be reviewed,...test ok, test 
failed..). But one disadvantage of that is that there is no concurrent 
progress on the ticket but all the process is linear. Test, Review and 
documentation should work simultaneously.

* Cc: This would be the most simple, yes. No status or role definitions

* Separate bugs for each task: That would be the most flexible approach and 
we still like to use this approach for bigger projects where test and 
documentation will need their own tracking and discussion ticket. 
Dependencies of sub-tasks like test and documentation will be possible with 
SubTicketsPlugin (which I prefer for the subticket tree view) or 
MasterTickets (the Depgraph is not that useful). We have not checked 
ChildTicketsPlugin yet.
The con of that approach for smaller tickets is, that the project ticket 
lists, which are long anyway, will increase by factor 3 as every single 
ticket will have some review, test and documentation changes. There we were 
preferring the single ticket approach with simple roles and status flags.
The Review process itself we already implemented by using the CodeReviewer 
plugin on per-change basis, but anyway the ticket with 10 changes that all 
passed the review has a review custom field as select of (|? : required|+ : 
passed|- : failed) that is easy to check from the ticket query without 
opening tickets.

In the meanwhile I'm checking how to use the Cc completion for custom 

Best regards,

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