And notice that the target was quietly changed. Originally claimed "a transgender employee at the FSF was being harassed" but here in this thread t3g has quietly turned that into Leah Rowe. Some facts: 1. Leah is not and has never been employed by the FSF. Their list of employees can be found at Feel free to check the Internet Archive's Wayback machine for history to confirm. And so, the "transgender employee at the FSF was being harassed" could not have been Leah Rowe.
2. Leah has never made any claim that she herself was harassed by Rubén.

From what we can tell, Leah made the decision to remove libreboot from the GNU Project because of this other person being supposedly being harassed in a show of solidarity, not because she herself was.

It's important to keep things straight over what people claim and avoid mixing things around.

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