"Ruben was named by LR as someone engaging in discrimination"

Nope. Once again it's important to keep things in the context of what is being claimed.

On https://libreboot.org/gnu/ Leah doesn't say exactly what each of the named people are claimed to have actually done, and just lumps everyone in together.

But she does provide a clue in http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/libreboot/2016-09/msg00053.html

In particular where she says "...was being harassed by another employee who was transphobic. Her fellow co-worker sided with him..."

Let's look at this: "...harassed by another employee..." Another. As is: One.

And then: "...her fellow co-worker sided with him..."

Given this we can say that this is Rubén because there are two sysadmins (going off the FSF's staff page) but only one Outreach and Communication Coordinator (Stephen.)

So, "sided with him." There must have been an accusation or something in order for someone to "take a side."

So, although she doesn't exactly say what was said and leaves that up to our imaginations, one *possible* explanation that would fit the claims that Leah has made and that would present everyone in the best possible light would be:
1. Stephen says something. Exactly what is not known.
2. The employee in question takes this as being some sort of transphobic statement or something. Whether or not it actually was or not or how it was intended we'll never know, since we do not know what was said nor the person's intent and will probably never know. 3. The employee raises it as an issue. Rubén takes Stephen's side, perhaps saying something like "Hold on, that's not what that means" or "That's not what Stephen meant." Or not his intent. Or whatever.

And so now, "her fellow co-worker sided with him", as Leah has claimed.

In closing, while we'll probably never know who actually said what and what they intended by saying it, this series of *possible* events does fit with what Leah is claiming given the available information, and we can imagine a possible scenario where it was a simple misunderstanding/miscommunication that escalated and went into overeaction and where Rubén is "guilty" of nothing more than trying to defuse the situation.

And perhaps it really wasn't what Stephen meant. We'll probably never know.

And remember that in no case has Leah Rowe actually accused Rubén himself of doing anything, only that he sided with the person that was supposedly doing it which, although we'll never probably never know exactly what was said, could have been nothing more than, as I said, trying to say that that wasn't what was meant in whatever it was that Stephen supposedly said.

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