Woah there mangeur de nuage, you have missed the point. Let me explain clearly:

1) a transgender person is a person who, for whatever reason, feels they are a different gender from the one that goes with their biological sex. A person whose gender identity and biological sex are the same is referred to as "cys-normal". 2) a transgender women, despite being born with a man's sexual organs (or sometimes intersex organs), feels that they are a woman, and prefers to be referred to using the female pronouns (in English: she, her etc). 3) referring to a transgender women using male pronouns (in English: he, him etc) is called "misgendering", and is as disrespectful as calling a cys-normal man "she" or "her".

If you want to understand these issues and the science that goes with them, I highly recommend this lecture by Harriet Hall:

As well as being just plain rude, mouthing off at and misgendering trans people is the last thing that will help de-escalate the LibreBoot situation.

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