I can't after someone replies (made a screenshot), only a mod can (I think) (if mods wants to waist time go fore it I don't mind)

LW is a man who consider itself has a woman, this concept is new to me and honestly, I don't care about it.

I only care about work and free software, libreboot is under gpl that's what matters.

The internet has given us a wonderful tool of anonymity between us, it has removed ridicules barriers.
We have the chance to work with less bullshit.

Why would a person want to say publicly this kind of private life and then ask everyone to not mention it, plus anyone can say anything that can't be verified.

I could do the same thing and explain one of the horrible things that happened in my life and ask to never say x word because it makes me sad.
But I don't.
I have grown up and understood that I need to adapt to the world, to learn from it and it's not by putting more barriers with other people that I can achieve that, we can only achieve that by building bridges.

In one way you can interpret what I say that I am making a barrier, by refusing to acknowledges is desires. And I'll shall respond that he is the one who imposes me that condition, sure it's not a specific hard condition but I could say that after the fiasco that he maid, he has lost all my respect and I'll shall not agree with him until he comes to reasons.

And it's also an bad way of doing because it will ultimately make him agree and piss him off witch brings to nowhere.

So what do we do ?

Do I make the first move ? do you do it ? does he make it ?

But why did this all happened in the first place ?

Because someone wanted to identify to X and then someone else used it online to justify X.

Do you think this is ethical ? using gender (or whatever) has a mean to shame and slander with no proof the FSF ? who only cares about everyones freedom ?

and I'm only unfortunately adding oil to the fire because I just want to speak without bullshit.

Do you think this is also normal that I have to think at the exact words to not offend someone ?

This has bean discussed already discussed by Marshall B. Rosenberg in his very nice book "non-violent communication" I agree with most of the book but I can't stand the fact that I can't say a specific word without having a rain of shitstorm happening.

Do you understand what I am trying to say.
I don't what to be mean to people, because it's not my thing and it leads to nowhere. But when I (and others) wright something I don't want to have the trouble of adding unnecessary terms or changing them just because a small group of people will be sad.

I think this is silly, it's tiring and it brings more problems that it solves (especially in the French language).

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