> One concern is, they say at Tor, if someone uses a non Tor browser, then revisits a site with Tor, it compromises anonymity.

Hmm, no. Why would it? Wait, I think I know what you mean. If you **log in** to a website while using Tor, then they know it is you, and then if you stay on the same circuit (get renovated each 10 mins) an attacker who can observe a large portion of the network can follow you and see where else you go. This is why TorBB has this nice little option to refresh the circuit or better yet to "change identity", which is close and restart the TorBB. Each time you do that (new identity) you get the default shiny browser, everything just got flushed (think cookies, session id etc). But if you do not log into the site they can not know by any means that it is you.

> Other sources say using Tor makes us targets of certin snooping agencies, but, we're targets anyway, despite any innocence. Seems life is always a compromise.

Well, if caring makes me a terrorist, so be it.

Do not let the initial complexity (switching to somethin new is always tough) discourage you, if you are serious about it, I am certain you'll manage to get your system libre, up, and running as you like it. It may take months or years, but it will pay in the end, so.. PERSIST!

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