OH wow- Thank you very much! I really appreciate that.This is exactly what I need.

I have used Tor a few times, though I know there's concerns about it. Some sites blocked me for using it, and others who use it have complained about that too.. There are tunnels, I tried them, tried watching a vid through one while using Tor, but it took me 4 hours to watch, lots of lag time, rebuffering and freezing. An interesting experience.

One concern is, they say at Tor, if someone uses a non Tor browser, then revisits a site with Tor, it compromises anonymity. Other sources say using Tor makes us targets of certin snooping agencies, but, we're targets anyway, despite any innocence. Seems life is always a compromise.

Anyway I'll copy that info you gave me, and do what Magic Banana suggested about checking RAM.. .

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