about the browser, I'm concerned about being able to block trackers and I need to have my security settings, plus have some add-ons, all are for those purposes. I like IcaCat for that. It took me months to get it tweaked. I wouldn't mind doing that again if I knew what to do ahead of time so it doesn't take so long because I didn't have all the info I needed.

I haven't watched videos or listened to music on here yet, though I'd love to, if I felt sure I'd be protected, especially from google; I wouldn't download their vids for fear there's embedded stuff that would snoop and mine my info.

I know how devious they are, and what happens just by using anything they have,like their analytics, for example, which I block as soon as I get there, blocked them in the browser,and spydblock, so I stopped enjoying that stuff on my Mac, and I won't do it here for peace of mind. I hope they don't bypass my settings but I know they prob'ly could. I do my best to avoid them but that's nearly impossible, sad to say. I miss watching videos.

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