A few points in response to the above:

* Some distros will refuse to install unless a /swap partition is defined, and they create one automatically if you choose 'guided partitioning'.

* If OP has only 1GB RAM, they need Trisquel-Mini, or at least a much more lightweight desktop than GNOME. I recently tried Uruk on my Aspire One (1GB "netbook") which uses Mate, but as soon as I opened a browser and started watching a video on YouTube, it fell over :( Sure, I could use VLC to watch YT videos instead, or use NoScript or whatever, but these are ugly hacks compared to using the site like average folks do.

* Speaking of memory leaks, Firefox-based software is infamous for them. The lagging, freezing, and crashing problems I've had running GNU/Linux of various flavours on older machines have *always* involved a browser. Miro (formerly Democracy Player) never works no matter how powerful a PC I've tried it on, and I suspect the problem is memory leaks inherited from the Mozilla code the Miro developers fork.

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