I strongly recommend learning about partitions, as this will make installs and reinstalls much less confusing for you. I started learning about them when I was trained as a Windows technician but most of what I know now is self-learned.

BTW In my other comment, I forgot to mention that you will also need "swap partitions". A swap partition is a slice of the hard drive that is reserved in case you run out of memory. I usually make Swap partitions the same size as the amount of RAM on that computer.

You need a separate swap partition for each OS partition, although you can usually shrink your ext4 partitions during install to make space for a Swap partition. Sorry if this is all a bit confusing, but stick with it! Most of us here have learned what we know by a combination of web searches, making illuminating mistakes, and getting advice from people like the friendly and helpful folks who frequent this forum.

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