It's good to know you can transform a standard Trisquel install into Trisquel-Mini by installing a couple of packages, but if the OP had done that, she couldn't be sure that any issues that came up were not the result of something that had happened with the older install. One benefit of doing a fresh install for testing purposes is that you know any issues that occur are endemic to that hardware/ software combination alone.

GNOME Shell definitely needs at least 2GB RAM. My 1GB netbook has not run reliably with GNOME Shell since I "upgraded" it to Trisquel 7, and was having issues with 6 too. Trisquel-Mini works better, although I prefer Enlightenment to LXDM, which is a bit of a toy by comparison. Enlightenment does have some issues, as desktop environments often to when added later to a system that wasn't assembled with them in mind. I'd love to see a 100% libre distro with Enlightenment as the default desktop, aimed at supporting older machines (XP and Vista laptops would be a good target).

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