*If* you're making a call, the landline might- but that's not the point.

If an individual leaves the house with their cell phone and goes on an outing, the amount of information they have provided to their local telecommunications company is staggering. Firstly, the location metadata. Not literally pin-pointing an individual doesn't make this weaker:
Then, if a modem rootkit is available, anything from audio recordings to gyro or whatnot data- which may very well be sufficient to determine what you type on a keyboard- become available, even if you haven't decided to take a single call. With a landline, by contrast, the most that can be determined is whether or not you have taken any calls placed through, and whether or not you placed any calls: much more reasonable.

Of course, the mobile's disadvantage is somewhat the cost of being able to connect whilst moving. However, apart from the obvious fact that this doesn't make it any less surveilling, the network could likely be done slightly better.

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