> the quick updates feature

That is not necessarily a good thing. I would rather say it may be risky (not tested well enough).

> Plus the hardened packages are the cherry on top!

What are these?

> if you have a libreboot laptop

I don't and I am not planning one for the moment. I just don't see why I should buy yet another buggy (and low performance) CPU.

> Just my two cents for ya...

Thanks. My 2 cents on less popular distros would be the community support. I have been using SUSE (now openSUSE) for many years and I really like it. 10+ years ago I also used Red Hat for a while, tried Debian (and couldn't stick to it, looked too difficult at that time). What I like about SUSE is not only the ease of use and stability but also the great community support and the speed at which bugs are handled. Yesterday for example I found a critical bug in the latest NVIDIA driver and reported it. A few hours later people have been finding (and perhaps already found) ways to fix it. Also when more people are using/testing something that makes it better verified. I am not sure if exotic distros can offer anything like that - that's my main concern with them.

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