It looks the intention of one of your current discussion about trisquel is a minor change of this forum. It looks your intention is how support a user (especially a new user). I think that might necessary measure, but I think you or we should prioritize thinking about more major issues. I think the primary issue is how to increase Linux users. It looks above measure has not strong effective. Surely, they will be able to stay in the forum easier than before, but how many users get that boon? 100? 1000? 10000? It is not enough to change this situation, I think. As first, I think we should increase Linux users. Why do they keep using proprietary hardware and software? I think that the first reason is they don't still understand the benefit which given from using free devices and software. Why they should use free hardware and software, what is that merits for them, All of free communities, hardware vendors, software vendors, and users should have a common primary purpose, I think. And I think the purpose is telling them the benefit. Preventing surveillance to use free matters will not become their main motive. Why do we should use free matters? You should show them that actual benefit. I think all of you should cooperate with all of free communities more actively. It looks this is like 1960's French revolutions.They had not the common purpose. If I have misunderstood about that discussion, you can say just...Mind your own business. Then I will say just... Oh, sorry monkey man. Good luck.

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