> I use procmail to filter incoming mail, and each mailing list is sent to its own mailbox. That alone is enough to make it more convenient than a forum.

This is automatically done in a newsreader: e.g. left pane is hierachically structured (in tree view) with news servers and subscribed forums under each server. The right pane is split into two: top part lists threads and - in tree view - messages in correct nesting under each thread. Right-bottom pane displays the selected message in the right-top pane. Just like a pop3 email client.

One major drawback of using email lists is that, all the messages in all the threads get accumulated in your hard disk. Whereas with a news reader only the headers accumulate, and just the read messages are fetched and stored in hard disk (they can be set to expire after a given period). Also, with a mail list, each new message in subscribed forums are read one by one as separate emails. Whereas with NNTP (news reader), not the messages themselves but their headers (shorter than a typical email header) are fetched in one lump as a digest. The savings on bandwidth and hard disk usage can be enormous (depending on your subscription scope).

> It's true that I don't need to see every thread, but I can easily remove the unread flags from a thread that is unimportant to me.

In a news reader it is also possible to prioritize individual threads (even messages) in various ways. E.g. you can assign different importance levels to threads, "watch" them, etc. I have never used such features (seem to recall toying with them, but forgot what the effects were) but they can be useful in this regard.

> I understand that there are plans to improve the Trisquel forum/mailing list, but I would imagine that wrapping up Trisquel 8 is more of a priority at the moment.

Actually it is rather easy and straightforward to set up a news server. But integrating it with the web-forum is another story, of course.


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