> I understand that there are plans to improve the Trisquel forum/mailing list, but I would imagine that wrapping up Trisquel 8 is more of a priority at the moment.

There is another solution to it (other than trisquel implementing its own nntp server): Gmane!

One Lars Ingebrigtsen had come up with the idea of mirroring a zillion of email lists on a news server. That was the birth of news.gmane.org (also www accessable through gmane.org)

It is a proper news server, but it doesn't get news feeds from USENET (worlwide distributed news groups), it just works as "email-list to news-group" gateway, for many mail lists.

For instance "debian-user" is a Debian mail list. Someone kindly asked gmane.org to include debian-user in their gateway, and gmane kindly started tracking debian-user too. From then on, any mail sent to the debian-user mail list is automatically mirrored to the news group (nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.user) and any message sent to the news group (via a newsreader) is automatically forwarded to the mail list. I.e. a complete bilateral list-to-news gateway.

If trisquel management just sends a kind request to gmane.org of gatewaying "trisquel users" list, and if they accept that, then voi-la! We have a "nntp://news.gmane.org/linux.trisquel.users"; newsgroup linked to "trisquel users" mail list which, in turn, is linked to the web-forum.

You can try gmane with a news reader (e.g. claws-mail). Add a new account (NNTP), set server name as "news.gmane.org". It should show up in the newsreader normal UI. Right click on the server, select "subscribe to news groups", and you will see all the email lists Gmane mirrors.

Why not add (i.e. ask Gmane to add) trisquel-users to news.gmane.org?

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