> No. It is like letting the gas company know where your stove is, exactly when you are using it, what you are cooking and allowing the gas company to control whether you are worth receiving that gas for the particular meal you are cooking or not.

You're so full of shit. All Google knows by your downloading that data is that you're using a Web browser that supports a safe browsing feature. It tells them nothing about what websites you're visiting, or even whether you're visiting websites at all. Your browser could just be sitting there doing nothing for all they know.

> You are simply buying what they are selling you

I have NEVER read ANY promotional material about safe browsing from Google. EVER. But I have seen countless malicious websites that attempt phishing, or trick the user into installing malware, or just do so automatically through JavaScript. I don't need to be sold on the idea of someone auditing websites for such things and then offering a dataset for any Web browser to check.

> But this "protection" tool is a method for censoring.

If a non-malicious website is listed as unsafe, it doesn't mean the website is "blocked". It's up to the browser at that point what to do, and the browser typically gives a very strong warning, but gives the user the ability to override it. If the browser does block sites entirely, maybe you shouldn't use that browser. But that's not a strike against Safe Browsing; that's a strike against a forcible implementation of Safe Browsing.

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