> It's already been explained to you that Google learns nothing about you from this behavior.

I guess the experts who explain this are Google internals who have personally checked that.

> They know that your IP address is running a Web browser. Big whoop.

It is not Google's business to know my IP address when I am visiting fsf.org. It is my own business only.

> I think the benefit of protecting people from malicious websites, scamming, phishing, etc is much more important than not letting Google know that you're running a Web browser, the same as practically everyone else on the planet.

You are simply buying what they are selling you, without even thinking about it. Of course they will tell you how useful it is and all that nonsense. But this "protection" tool is a method for censoring. I have seen it blocking access to sites which have nothing malicious on them.

> It's like worrying that the gas company knows you're running the stove.

No. It is like letting the gas company know where your stove is, exactly when you are using it, what you are cooking and allowing the gas company to control whether you are worth receiving that gas for the particular meal you are cooking or not.

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